Our Company


CVPLAST was founded in 2015 in the city of Bento Gonçalves, state of Rio Grande do Sul. The company seeks solutions in flexible packaging for the most diverse segments of the productive industry, providing package for different sectors such as food, hygiene and cleaning, fertilizers, rubbers and Pet Food market, among others, assuming a position of partnership with the productive industries of Brazil and abroad.


The company has an built area of 4.000m², it is equipped to meet the demand of 3 layers packaging, printed in flexography up to 8 colors and laminated by solventless process. It has equipment for the production of technical films in coils for automatic packaging, and ready-made packages with various finishes (4 welds, stand up pouch, bottom welding, side welding, round bottom welding, among others).


The company has its own laboratory, equipped for analysis of COF, rolling force, welding force and corona treatment, thus guaranteeing the quality and control of all stages of the production process, enabling the full traceability of the produced packages.


CVPLAST is committed to develop constant improvements in the production process, ensuring the improvement of each stage, seeking sustainable solutions in our packaging production.

The basic actions for preservation of the environment are, in essence, the establishment of processes, actions and practices aiming the correct use of plastic, involving all the interested parts such as employees, suppliers, customers, and community and government agencies.